Dementia Management

Understanding Cognitive Decline

  • The second leading cause of death of Australians,
  • People with dementia account for 52% of all residents in residential aged care facilities.
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Behavioural interventions and non-pharmacological therapies that include meaningful activity with the resident should be person centered and recommended as the first line approach to address responsive behaviours.

This presentation will review approaches to accurately assess responsive behaviours and how these assessments can then be used to develop care strategies that more effectively respond to such behaviours.


25 minutes with available resource

Text material

Downloadable PDF for the Video
Delirium Screening Tool
Dementia screening tools

Test your knowledge

series of questions for reflection and knowledge test

For more information

  • Guidance resources 
  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission


Understand and identify responsive behaviours

Develop understanding of non-pharmacological interventions to address responsive behaviours

Enhance awareness regarding responsive behaviours, quality of life and activities